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September 23, 2012
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Finite02: Raiu Lau by zombriefs Finite02: Raiu Lau by zombriefs
QUALITY WRITING AT 6 am :iconthemoseali:

+Name: Raiu Lau (Rai-Yu Lau)
+Age: 19 years old
+Height: 177 cm
+Weight: 70 kg
+Nationality: Chinese-Japanese
+Group: UI
+District: Metroplex
+Strain: BETA
+Level: Beginner

*Telekinesis - can make objects/things float or move/control with his will, however, he still has trouble controlling things that are heavy in mass.
*Hijack: Graphic Bliss:  Plays a sequence in a person's head... Preferably, pornographic material. :iconstudmuffinplz: It's quite... Distracting. <--( this is his specialty.) This skills seems to be still evolving however, he is still a beginner after all and he doesn't really seem keen about improving his abilities. He can play other scenes in a person's head too but it depends on his concentration and imagination, since he's fond of adult materials, it's the best he can 'materialize' in his head.


Perverted | Materialistic | Easy-going | Lazy | Playful

Haughty, perverted and superficial, the qualities people usually see in him during first impressions. Raiu appears nonchalant about morals and shallow even. He acts like an idiot most of the time as well, he can be brash and insensitive with the things he says and would not even show a shred of regret about it. However, when it comes to people he call 'friends' or trust, he can be a good and mellow person(very rarely ok but it's there lol). He's the type to tease people a lot whenever he can, but not because he dislikes them, it is in fact his way of being comfortable with them. Despite his apparent pervertedness, he's not very good at dealing with women or even talking to them (foreveralone). He is generally fun loving and laid-back but can still finish chores if he really put his head into it.

Born in the lower districts of China town, his mother was an illegal immigrant who had been hiding from her family's debt. She alone raised him, until she died of illness when Raiu was only 12. Since he had no relatives to turn to, Raiu worked hard alone to feed himself, he had his mother's friends to rely on during occasions but his mother's death truly made him feel alone and lonely.

He is not sure how he caught the virus, he only remembers coming down with an intense flu and headache for a week, and because he lives alone, no one heard or found out what happened to him. Being as easy-going as ever, he brushed off what happened, only to realize that he had gained strange 'abilities' during one evening when he accidentally made his tv explode (guess what he was watching :iconhesmirkplz:). He decided to keep his abilities a secret, afraid of what the government or the military would do to him if they find out, especially since they appear to be have become highly wary due to the spread of a virus and the curfews. However, he would sometimes use his uncanny abilities when he finds it convenient for himself.

Raiu has a strange penchant for adult related materials (porn yea) but he's not really good with women or romance. In fact, he seems to be hated by women easily without even trying.

He had recently moved into Metroplex and is sharing a small apartment room with a few people, the story behind why he moved and who these people are is still unknown... But it involves sharing the rent fees.

+Likes: Pornography, Cheeseburger, Pretty girls, Computer games, meat, money, his roomies
+Dislikes: Cockroaches, Spiders, Vegetables, being ordered around, overthinking things, handsome guys omg hoarding all the chics fuq u all, horror movies/ghosts/superstitions (gets spooked easily)

*His pupils turn red when he uses his powers. There is also a red mark located on his left chest, it glows when he uses his powers and even warms up. When he over-use his power, it burns painfully.
*He works in an Adult DVD rent shop in Chinatown.
*Even he doesn't know if his hair was originally black... Or grey.
*His most prized possession is his motor-scooter.
*Has a pet hamster named Poopsie. Cus it poops a lot hurr
*His ID-mate looks like a tamagotchi. (I'll provide reference next time.)


(teammate)-Jeremy Hyung: Roommate who love J-dramas/k-dramas. His cooked dishes are deadly. Sometimes Raiu would cover his face with a pillow while he sleeps. :iconbiggrinfaceplz:
(teammate)-Matilda King: A 14 yr old young girl, roommate. Raiu adores her a lot like his own real little sister and is quite doting towards her. (IMOUTO-CHWANNNNN) :iconthankgodplz:
Kazuki: A hobo they picked up from the street, started living with them. Makes fun of him whenever he can. :iconhesmirkplz:
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