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July 1, 2012
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VT: Ezekhiel Coresfault by zombriefs VT: Ezekhiel Coresfault by zombriefs

Hi guys adjwjdakwdklw these are still all under construction so I'm gonna uhh edit s'more stuff in here. Feel free to spot mistakes for me and I'll be very thankful. :iconpapmingplz:

Name: Ezekhiel "Khiel" Coresfault
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Country: Eivindr
Element: Air
Faction: Quasers
Rank: Captain

Str: 0
Mag: 250
Vit: 60
Spd: 140
Sp: 100

fuq str :iconhorseheadplz:


Arcane modder : Arcane modders are inventors, who utilizes their knowledge in technology and talent in magical arts to create things. They are magic adepts, having a strong connection to their element since birth.

Arcane modders as a name doesn't make sense but it sounds cool, but it's pretty much just alchemists with a no-make-sense name. :iconmingtearsplz:


Ganymede: Khiel designed and created himself; He channels his magic through it, shooting out high pressured air enough to penetrate hard metals/iron/rocks.

Does not provide tremendous defense but instead, enhances the user's magical capability and speed. It's a powersuit he crafted for himself.

Fenrir: A vessel he designed himself. It's not equipped with any weapons. Very fast, agile, can leap high and even fly.


*A Gentleman: Having been raised in the house of Eivindr's Royal family, Khiel has adapted to have a refined and elegant manner to befit a royalty. He is soft-spoken, polite, reserved and almost never seen without a smile. : )

Intelligent/fast-learner: He is quick to comprehend and learn. He also has an affinity towards learning, discovering new things and knowledge.

Patient: He appears calm and passive most of the time. It is rare to see him get shaken. When it comes down to some rules, he's pretty lenient. As long as it does not affect work of course. (Like, he doesn't care if you wear your uniform inside out as long as you're not walking naked.) He still appreciates values and good manners from everyone, but he won't vocalize if he thinks you're an ape.

*When it come to things that interest him, expect him to give it his full attention. However, he will become laid-back towards things that he does not find interesting, valuable or a waste of time. It goes the same with people.

*His calm, friendly and laid-back demeanor makes it difficult to tell his true nature. He could be offering you a cup of good tea or he could be offering you death; who knows.

*Because of his nature- it's easy to approach him or even, maybe make acquaintance with him. However, it's difficult to create a meaningful friendship/relationships with him.

*When he is in front or with people he actually considers a friend or a comrade, he will be more carefree and even tease them. He will also exhibit a wider range of emotion and expressions, and say things he usually doesn't say.

(He's just really careful when it comes to trusting people.)


Khiel is the son of the princess of Eivindr (the king's sister) and a mere servant knight. Not much is known to his upbringing but he grew up inside the royal palace, raised by the current king and his family.

Despite not being the heir to the throne, he holds great power and influence over Eivindr especially on the lower slums and the red light district, as he owns most of the factories, businesses, resources and illegal tradings there. Because of this, he has been dubbed as the rotten prince of Eivindr. :iconawwyeahplz:

He joined the Quasers due to currently unknown reasons (most likely due to interests, benefits, etc.). He was appointed the rank captain, thanks to his abilities, knowledge and his influence over Eivindr. He oversees the manufacturing of Speirs and aids in the creation of Eivirian vehicles/crafts/research.


-Despite being a captain, Khiel's not really a fighter. In fact; he'd rather stay cooped inside his office/room, doing what he is best at (as an arcane modder). If battle can be avoided by a means, he would. Because air is his element and as a magic user, he utilizes the use of environment and atmosphere to his advantage. For example, he can increase the amount of nitrogen in a certain area to trigger nitrogen asphyxiation, or increase the volume of oxygen to increase the effectiveness of fire skills.

* Idun's hands: Restores a person's health/vitality and strength. Also heals wounds. But it cannot heal severe damages like decapitated heads/limbs or a person already near death.

* Nightmare Arc - Traps an area in a shredding tornado- producing sharp, blade like gusts. (like a blender?)

* Heaven's Void - Disturbs the air/wind on a large area in the sky/atmosphere- incapacitating anything in it from moving/flying/floating for a certain amount of time. (Air dragons are immune to this skill.) (The higher the magic stat of the target, the shorter the time he can hold them down.)

* ????


His skills/abilities are most effective when against groups- but useless on 1 vs 1 battles. In short, let him fight alone and he's screwed. :icongtthplz:

Additional Information:

-He has no personal grudge against the Erius Knights; however, he disagrees with their ways and their beliefs of sticking to traditions, seeing that this kind of mentality only hinders development.
-Prefers to be called Khiel.
-Dislikes intense sunlight and heat, being used to the cool, cloudy climate of Eivindr and all.
-He is a good cook. :icongtthplz:
-He is extremely allergic to seafood.
-His favorite food is chicken nuggets. :icongtthplz:

Stupid me attempting for an intelligent character. Goodluck me. Oh well, time to work on his formal attire, powersuit, etc. :iconmingtearsplz:
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Sotwt Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
I love your art.
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Hello there too Ezekhiel... :iconmingplz:
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I just can't even express how beautiful this man is in words so I'm going to roll away now /sob
I really like the way you colored this btw, it's so shiny and hnnnggg yay photoshop-- :iconryojidaisyplz:
zombriefs Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
Thank you very much Tai~ :icontearplz:

I'm glad you like it~
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