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September 27, 2012
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VT: Izzy by zombriefs VT: Izzy by zombriefs

I'm sorry for the consecutive apps omg I feel so bad for my watchers lmfao :iconmingplz: so sorry you guys i'll upload something 'art' soon. Maybe.

Name: Izzy
Age: He can't remember, but appears to be between 19-24.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Country: Eivindr
Element: Air
Faction: Quasers
Rank: Recruit

Str: 13
Mag: 2
Vit: 10
Spd: 25
Sp: 0

fuq sp :iconhorseheadplz:


Forgetting things, getting into trouble too.



[Vessel: Zwerd]


ADHD guy
Extremely brash, easy-going and impatient, he likes anything that involves adrenaline and risk. He's not the type to read warning signs (not that he can read) or listen to people, at the same time, he is incredibly simple-minded. Though it doesn't mean he's dumb (lol actually he is), he just dislikes anything complicated, he doesn't like things that require too much thinking, and would rather go where the action is. If there's a hole on the floor, an unknown portal on a wall, expect him to be one of the first ones to jump into it. He also has a lot of confident in his 'intuition'. His curiosity is also something that can be easily triggered by the smallest things (is the world round? why is the sky blue? How many moons do we really have? What is the admiral's favorite color?) and satisfying his curiosities is one of his biggest motivations on life.

His recklessness can also be seen when he interacts with people, just running his mouth without thinking. He's not the type to bend words just to please people, and whether you like him or not for it means nothing to him. It doesn't mean he's aloof or anti-social, in fact, he loves attention and interacting with people, he really just hate complicated and over-thinking things. People may find him eccentric or annoying, but he won't hate you for it (like i said, it means nothing to him) he's also the type who can't read the atmosphere or pick-up vibes. He likes competitions, games, friendly jests, rivalries and winning, but he's a good sport. When he loses, he doesn't hold grudges (he believes there's always a 'next time'!), since he's the type who always give it his all too.

As a friend, he may be the first to tease you, but the last one to leave you. (He'll forget your name though.)


Izzy has no recollection of his past, only of the recent months he's been living in the slums of Eivindr. A few months ago, he woke up as a gang member in the slums- a gang of thieves and troublemakers.
They break into houses, steal, vandalize and the like. Apparently, he lost his memory during a turf war where he was badly injured. (There is also an evident bald spot on his head, perhaps where he received a fatal blow enough to erase his memory. He wears an aviator hat to cover it. The hair had began to grow back anyway but it's still obvious.)

During the (Moon) festival in Eivindr, Izzy sneaked into the airship the quasers and the Erius knights used to travel there, he planned to loot the ship. He was caught by a quaser and quickly apprehended. Fortunately for him, he was seen to have the potential and was then recruited. Since he has no one else to turn to, he decided to join- thinking that the food in Polaris will be definitely better than the food in jail.

Izzy has no known relative or family, his name Izzy was given to him by his gang. Due to his lack of memory and attachment to anything or anyone, he can be extremely reckless and brash. He barely cares about his past, and appears nonchalant about it.

Also, due to his amnesia (or the blow he received in his head), he is extremely forgetful. He also can't read nor write (undeducated), and has trouble learning how due to his constant memory lapses.

(Can't rly think of a good background so I just- deleted his memory lmao saves me trouble.)


*Skymir's blessing: Increases his own speed and agility for a brief amount of time. Requires a cool down before it can be used again. (4 posts cool down, skill lasts for 3 posts)

* Jupiter Trap: Using a short burst of air in his feet, he sidesteps behind the enemy and delivers consecutive blows to the target's unguarded side. Also used to effectively dodge attacks.


*Sky Drop: Delivers a powerful punch to the target. Using air to create a small barrier in his fist to make the punch more solid and protect his fist, the impact more powerful due to the burst of air (like a rocket punch.). He will be unable to use skills for the remainder of the battle after this.

Additional Information:

*He is a speed maniac - He loves anything that goes fast- and if it's not fast enough, then it must be broken.
*Likes pulling the dumbest stunts.
*Believes everyone thinks he's cool and his stupid antics are cool.
*Often mistaken for a hoarder- when he in fact only just keep forgetting to throw away things and useless junk he keeps. (like candy wrappers, old batteries, etc)
*Likes hats/headgears, regardless how silly they look.
*His fighting style is reliant on his speed. Parkour, as well as Baguazhang martial arts.
*Loves spicy food and fast food..... And pancakes.
*Likes gambling. Cos it makes his heart go doki doki.
*Has red pupils.
*Based on wiki, he has [link], anterograde amnesia type, and [link] retrograde amnesia, of course it's tldr. But to summarize; retrograde is the type we usually see on tv, and anterograde is the type where the patient has trouble picking up/learning new things. (extremely forgetful) Since VT's a fantasy world, i twisted them a bit lol shhh.

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taiwonton Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconuguufaceplz: WHAT A QT!!!
I hope to see him IC soon huffhufhuff
Lieutenant-Down Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012

I hope Auds and him can be good friends...

..that's it if she's awake and he can remember her :iconming3plz:
zombriefs Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
ajdjkadkwk Danbro :iconthankgodplz:

YES I HOPE HE AND AUDREY CAN BE GOOD FRIENDS SJWKDKW He'll try his best to be a good bro to herrr~ :iconbawwwwplz:

He'll get her name wrong all the time but he'll remember her; and he'll keep her awake with his noise jadkwdkwa :iconminghideplz:
TAKESHl Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
cries on the floor because Izzy and I adore all your ocs but omfg precious babu Izzy and omg don't mind me I have been so overly emotional this week that I just want to cry because seeing him in VT has made my week siofhsnl urghhhhh //lies on the floor
zombriefs Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
ajdjawjwa TAKKUN BRO :iconthankgodplz: Thank you~ jadjkawdkw I love Niko and Mica too ok I love all your Ocs~ Can't wait for Ragnelia events cos those are totally Izzy's kind of events ajdkwalwa :icondeterminedguycryplz:
TAKESHl Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
sifnlks likewise weep;;;

Ahhhh I will try to do them when a lotta people are here, and of course, when you're on too * m*;;; I HOPE I DON'T DISAPPOINT;;;
zerodollar Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Why do you make such beautiful men i'm always enchanted sobbb :iconpapcryplz:
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